Over the last ten years, Wicklow Uplands Council has initiated and participated in a number of projects to improve and manage the recreational use of the Wicklow countryside

In the early stages this work involved projects to improve access for recreational users, the development of policy to support sustainable recreation activities and the promotion and development of the Wicklow trails network. Full details on these activities can be found on our ‘Outdoor Recreation’ project page.

Most recently Wicklow Uplands Council has taken an increasingly active role in the development of new trails. These new trails are being developed strategically to provide links to and from public transport facilities with the existing trail network. Providing greater access to the upland trails network encourages more independent visitors to the region who will stay longer and boost local the local economy.

Wicklow Uplands Council’s trail development projects are done in partnership with landowners, local community groups and stakeholder organisations. The partnership approach ensures the sustainability of the trails and encourages local communities to take ownership of the routes.

The Uplands Council has been involved in the development of two trails to date; The Avonmore Way and The Sugarloaf Way. More information on those routes and their development are available in the links below.