Heritage Walks in County Wicklow

Wicklow Uplands Council in partnership with Wicklow Local Sports Partnership, are delighted to announce a guided heritage walk series for County Wicklow commencing in Autumn 2020.

Following the success and popularity of the heritage walks organised annually as part of the Council’s programme to celebrate Heritage Week, a collaborative idea to create a series began to form with Wicklow Local Sports Partnership.

Set against a renewed interest in outdoor recreational activities and the backdrop of Covid-19, the joint venture seeks to offer complimentary, fun and accessible walks that promote awareness to the rich natural, built and culture heritage in selected locations with a moderate level of exercise.

Working closely with local community groups, walking guides, landowners and other stakeholders, the events are designed to highlight the unique character found at each setting and to explore County Wicklow’s rich heritage.

The first walk titled ‘A Journey To 1870’s Lacken’ was announced in the Autumn of 2020 and is scheduled to take place on October 24th. Interested parties are asked to read the profile of each walk to discover more details and important information related to the current Covid-19 Measures.